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UPDATE: My Juice Fast – There’s good news and bad news


I guess I should do update about my juice fast. I’ve ignored the issue long enough. Well, there’s bad news and good news…It didn’t last two days. Sorry, I gotta be honest. I like my juice drinks. Actually, I LOVE the taste of them. In fact, I loved them so much I had it with a double-cheeseburger. (What? I needed something to wash it down with!).

What happens is I’m fine throughout the entire day, but because of my schedule I tend to stay up very late doing some sort of writing or research. It is during this time – oh around one 1 or 2 a.m., even 3 a.m., I start getting weak, real weak, delirious even. My mind begins to play tricks on me; I begin imagining the taste of a Double Beef Cheesy Burrito. It really is quite sad. I’ve often been thankful it’s just food, not crack.

The good news? I actually lost 10 pounds in the last three weeks!! I think since I was taking in minimal calories with the fruit smoothies during the day (along with a men’s one a day vitamin) that even on a night where I “slipped,” I cheated only that meal, not the entire day. The net result still having a relatively low daily calorie/fat/carb count. I also avoided the extra fat and calories by avoiding the french fries and soda. In addition to this I’ve been working like a demon on the house. – Going up and down the ladder, painting, sanding, etc for an average of ten hours a day. The end result, a ten pound loss!

Now I do realize this is not the long-term recipe for success, but the weight loss, however the hell it happen, does create a certain motivation that I had been looking for. It keeps me going to improve on my food and exercise regimen and protect what I’ve lost so far and aim for more.  I will continue to use the fresh fruit drinks, along with other meal favorites like oatmeal, salads, during the day, and with an early dinner around 7 or 8pm of lean protein, vegetables, and low carbs, (no breads or pasta for me). Since it is no shocker I’ll be staying up late, I need to be proactive and eat a small snack around midnight like a small bowl of raisin bran, some nuts,  or even another fruit shake (half-sized). This way I can avoid getting to “starving” mode and stay sane until I actually go to bed a few hours later. I also would like to add some sports or running even though I’m already working on the house. We’ll see.

It’s not a perfect plan, but I’m trying to find what works best “for me” considering my weaknesses. I’ll keep you posted.double


3 Responses to “UPDATE: My Juice Fast – There’s good news and bad news”

  1. I have tried the same diet… and had similar results. I also tried to do a total fast in the beginning of the year for 30 days (drinking only water). What I have found to really work is a fast from The Holy Bible… The Daniel Fast… no pasta, breads or sugar. Only fish no red meat etc and only after dark. It really works along with a good tea… smooth moves or green tea. MAKE SURE TO TAKE B-12… and get yourself a better vitamin than one a day… I’ll forward you information on The Daniel Fast. Peace

  2. enjoy your blog

  3. Diets suck! They only make one feel like they’re deprived. Especially those that have the name “fast” in them. Just keep away from the processed crap and use lots of fresh vegetables when you cook. But, on the other hand, I don’t want to discourage you…. Good luck and stay happy!

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