Chasing Calm
Random lessons in life, love, and transition. — From Los Angeles, California to Stuttgart, Germany — March 2010

My Fried Health at 40 (Okay, 41)


Last night I met a friend to discuss some potential business. On his suggestion we ended up at a local restaurant for happy hour where we each completed a mountain of fried calamari, a half mountain of fried shrimp, French fries, and several mixed cocktails…and a chocolate chip cookie.  Sitting back patting our stomachs we then began to discuss the seriousness of our eating choices and its latest affects.

I reconnected with this friend after about ten years, and we both could not help but notice we were not only a little older, but a little wider, and since this blog is somewhat anonymous, in his case he was a lot wider. I told him how putting on the extra weight has affected me and recently has even scared the hell out of me.

Several months ago my girlfriend revealed to me that not only do I snore like an earthquake, but I actually stop breathing for an unusually long amount of time. I was well aware of what this meant as my late father had sleep apnea. When I was a young boy, my sisters and I thought it was so funny how he would do this never realizing how serious it was as it contributes to high blood pressure (which I also have), Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease which he would ultimately pass away with.

Lightening the moment, we managed to laugh at those moments when you accidentally drop something to the ground, and for a few beats you just stare at it like, “Damn, do I really have to bend all the way down there?” It’s times like this you wish you had super-hero powers and could make objects move by the very power of your fingertip.

Then there’s the vanity aspect of putting on weight as we compared how it’s changed our physical features and lifestyle; our face, how our clothes fit, even how it affects our lovemaking having less ability to do all those sexual acrobats of yesteryear. My buddy (with a serious face) mentioned not being able to do “the half scissors squat.” Huh? The half scissors squat? I nodded along as if I knew what the hell that painful sounding position was. I made a  mental note to Google it later. But basically, this weight gaining thing really, really sucks.

So, inevitably we had to ask ourselves, if we know this is not healthy, very likely shortening our lives, and we so hate how its changing our appearance and lifestyle, why then are we not doing something about it? Why isn’t motivation taking over?

We sighed, sat there and pondered this very important question…in silence. The six almost clean plates of fried batter crumbs, tartar sauce, and ketchup sat there also staring at us.

For now, the best answer was changing the subject, but I do intend to look further into the dynamics of motivation. Study it a bit. I know what to eat, how to eat, how to work out. After all, I’m a former athlete. But it’s the motivation that has me stumped these days.

I will also be writing about these experiences of my sleep apnea, motivation, losing weight and getting more fit. It is another part of this successful life transition that motivated this blog…and ultimately I will be successful. Wish me luck.


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