Chasing Calm
Random lessons in life, love, and transition. — From Los Angeles, California to Stuttgart, Germany — March 2010

A Season of Transition


Lately, I’ve been feeling I need a regular place to express. Writing my thoughts usually soothes my soul. Not that I am the best writer, nor the most eloquent or entertaining, but the very release of what will be very random thoughts and slices of my life seem to lighten the mental load I tend to carry from day to day.

And these days, it is truly the season of transition: The very recent passing of my mother from Alzheimer’s; Preparing for sale our family home, a place I am very sentimental about, and all the ambivalent feelings that come along with this; The “beginning” of a wonderful relationship with the best woman on the planet (in my opinion); Consequently, moving from L.A. to Stuttgart, Germany to begin a new life with her and her thirteen daughter. And oh, we’re expecting a baby! (My first at 41 years old).

So, I dunno, I don’t think I’ll plan out any particular order in telling my story for this haphazard blog. I’ll just see what the day inspires. In fact, I cannot even guarantee I will maintain it for any meaningful length of time. All I know is I’ve been having that itch to express, so I’ve got to scratch it. Let’s see if relief will arrive.


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